Who is Martin Sharp?

Do you want to have a greater chance of success in your digital journey?

Perhaps you have found that there is a lack of clarity as to why change is necessary? Is the lack of a reason why causing you or your organisation confusion, increased costs and decreasing position? Maybe your organisation or team is not on board with the transformation ahead and are causing delays, distress and distractions, potentially to the point of actively sabotaging the initiative? Possibly the information distributed is not being understood by the audience and is further compounding the problems?

Imagine then that the reason behind the change is understood and those involved in the transformation can see the benefits for themselves personally, for the organisation and those externally to it such as customers, regulators or standards bodies. Your aspirational plan is being formed into a clear digital vision that your organisation can use to reimagine itself, redefining experiences, opportunities and associations.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of these benefits. In a world where even the constant of change is being overtaken by the acceleration of change, to survive and thrive in the 21st century you need to have a digital strategy, have a clear understanding and an alignment with that of your customers.

But who am I? As an Author; Coach; Mentor; Consultant; Speaker; enterprise architect and strategic thinker, I believe in delivering successful change in complex environments and clarity to the most complex of my client issues. Navigating the complex and ever-changing IT landscape, I have been told I my pragmatic solutions deliver change and realise business benefit within every organisation, every time.

I love computers, I have done even when I was a small boy. They are so simple, logical, obedient. But not everything in life is like computing. My career has had its ups and downs, from the of having to make many my employees redundant to the elation of delivering the IT transformation making a merger or acquisition successful. The key for me though is continuous improvement, learning and implementing a diverse and eclectic array of subjects allowing me to not only translate between the business and IT but in many cases remove the divide altogether.

In 2016 I became an award-winning author of my book: Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives for Delivering Successful Change in Complex IT Projects and have written for other organisations including the British Computer Society for their 2015 publication Digital Leaders. Whilst in 2017 was recognised as a Fellow member of the British Computer Society and given a global award for public speaking by the Professional Speakers Academy.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family exploring, learning and having fun. I am the Chairman for Lower Wharfe Canoe Club, a British Canoe Union affiliated club and recognised by Sports England’s Clubmark accreditation. On a yearly basis, I also participate in the International Snow Sculpting competition in Ischgl, Austria as a member of the British Snow Sculpting Team.

Coaching & Mentoring

While working with many of my clients it became apparent that there was a need for some of them to have one-to-one guidance. So I now offer my services to a select number of clients, as a IT Leadership Expert.

For your business or company, the service I office is like having a IT executive come in to help you create a strategy, and plan, for your marketing, helping you to save money on wasted initiatives and building a sustainable environment for continuous improvement.

For the individual, it is having that trusted 2nd opinion, the 2nd pair of eyes and career confidant. A coach and mentor to help you improve your skills, reach your goals and avoid the mistakes of others.

Trying to grow a business or enhance your career can be stressful and time-consuming, but the result of working with me as a coach & mentor means the client has the confidence to take measured risks to increase revenue, capitalise on identified opportunities and get others to drive it forwards with them so they don’t have to do it all themselves.

Public Speaking

One of the reasons I love speaking is that it can reach more people. IT Leadership is not taught to Engineers, Project Managers, Enterprise Architects or indeed at any level, so most, whilst very skilled at their area of expertise, have no idea how to lead or contribute to the success of a business. I feel it is so important for all members of IT to learn this aspect, but equally that it doesn’t have to cost them a fortune!

I am passionate about the subject of IT Leadership, particularly for business owners and those in the IT profession, as such I run events and workshops across the UK to share the Expert Transformation Accelerator. I also run an online training program and have a YouTube Channel where I regularly post videos and share content and training on being the IT Leader, teaching how to improve their interactions with others, decreases the stresses of the role and fill their portfolio with success after success.



I have worked in the IT industry since 1993 and have developed an eclectic variety of skills in management and strategy along with a breadth and depth of technical knowledge and experience. Clients have described me as ‘Knowledgeable, personable, refreshing, unbiased, diligent, help!‘ ‘A breath of fresh air in a world where IT complexity often seems to create as many challenges as it solves.’

As an Enterprise Architect, IT Solutions & Technology Consultant, I believe in being an enthusiastic leader, helping companies to structure their IT so that it becomes a business enabler not a barrier to communication & growth.


  • I worked with Martin on a particularly challenging IT project involving the transfer of live and historic clinical trial assets, and related software platforms, between two top 10 pharma companies. Martin's depth and breadth of technical knowledge and ability to work at the architectural and operational levels, in both technical and business forums, were critical to the success of the project. His mentoring and collaborative approach make him a great asset to help drive a team to success.

    Shaun Hopgood
    Vice President, Technology Run Services
  • Martin and I worked on a strategic initiative and immediately I could see and appreciate the wealth of knowledge he has and professionalism he brings. In a very short time, I was able to bring Martin into detailed conversations and he bought suggestions, best practices and observations "to the table" to improve how we delivery as an organization. I have deep respect for Martin and his knowledge, and even after he left the business I still reach out to him for support and he is always willing to help. If you need a knowledge, well versed and articulate architect, then look no further.

    Sid Mohamoodally
    Vice President, EMEA Strategic Accounts
  • Whilst at HSBC, Martin, provided much needed support, guidance and leadership in the IT Security PPM team.
    Always adding value in his role as a Programme Manager & Architect, it was a pleasure to work with Martin. I'm confident he would continue to go above and beyond his remit in any future engagement.

    Kamren Mirza
    Project Manager
  • I worked with Martin in a major IT transformation project at Kinstellar. He brought his experience in to help IT to close the gap between IT and the business and thankfully most of his advises worked well for the firm.

    Szabolcs Ujvari
    Head of IT
  • Martin is one of the best Lead Architect's I have ever worked with. He manages to combine the correct balance of technical and strategic knowledge with an innate understanding of the customer’s needs.

    His ability to communicate clearly and concisely with all levels is exceptional.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Martin and I look forward to working with him again.

    Danny Mason
    Solutions Architect
  • Martin worked on the PAREXEL project as Lead Architect providing high level technical governance and architectural guidance to a team of 4-5 solution/enterprise architects. I found Martin's approach to be straightforward and open. He provided very useful guidance and has the ability to see the big picture and work in a very demanding environment.

    Richard Dempers
    Solutions Architect
  • Martin is an excellent architect with a strong understanding of business needs and implementing complex projects.
    I was impressed by his clear thinking on challenging problems and his high quality of work.

    Jeremy Hore
    Managing Director
  • Martin managed the IT Architecture and Design workstreams whilst we worked together at PAREXEL on a very large and complex transition program consisting of large scale IT & Business Change across three continents. He managed to recruit, establish and run a professional team as well as bringing a best practice mentality into the organisation which previously could be described as IT lite and lacked any formal IT strategy or process. I would recommend him highly to any future Program Manager or IT Director.

    Sean McGarr
    Programme Manager
  • Martin is an outstanding Infrastructure architecture professional who has the ability to drop from 50,000 feet to easily explain the intricate detailed workings of proposed solutions. I recommend Martin to anyone looking for a pragmatic CTO or architecture lead.

    John Hakim
    Data Architect
  • Working with Martin in a high pressure, time critical, ever changing environment like Heathrow was a pleasure. His 'can do' attitude really helps as does the experience he brings from other similar projects. He is diligent and excellent at covering off the detail, bring along the team and moving the project ever forwards. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

    Kam Virk
    Test Manager
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Martin Sharp, as his Project Manager on some very challenging works for the last 2 years. I can say without hesitation that Martin is one of the most "Complete" Solution Architects I have ever worked with. He would be a significant benefit and safe pair of hands for any organisation who was looking for "a technical brain". I wish Martin good luck for the future.

    Paul Radford
    Project Manager
  • I worked with Martin on number of high pressure, time critical IT deliveries at Heathrow and I could not recommend him more highly. He is a meticulous planner, a great communicator and extremely knowledgeable about both business and IT processes and technologies. He has a great eye for detail and is probably the least procrastinating person I've ever worked with. He was always a calming influence in pressure situations and combines this skill with superb decision making that was sensitive to both business and IT elements of the projects. His message is always clear and concise and his written work and presentations are of the highest quality.

    Jon Ryan
    Test Manager
  • Martin is an enthusiastic and dynamic architect with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the airport services industry. Focussed and to the point, Martin delivers on his promises and offers full support to colleagues and stakeholders. A great guy to have on your team.

    Chris Jones
    Data Architect
  • As the VP of infra within a rapidly moving financial services company I need an external consultant that can come in and give me impartial advice on complex issues quickly and to the point. Martin fits the bill perfectly, combining his extensive technical knowledge with a pragmatic approach to organisational and business challenges. I would unreservedly recommend him to any technology executive that needs an impartial consultant who understands both the detail of the technology and the need for practicality in business life.

    Jonathan Chapman
    Vice President of Infrastructure
  • I worked with Martin on the Data Centre migration project at ING Direct UK. He is a focused, reliable and knowledgeable consultant. He has excellent technical skills with the ability to communicate designs to all levels across the business.

    Martin joined the team and his strong architectural skills were a crucial in the project delivery. He integrated well with the team and took ownership of work packages. He always delivered on time and his expertise was a fundamental part of mitigating risks and resolving issues on the project.

    Martin is an asset to any project with great leadership skills and a desire to deliver.

    Ladi Gbadamosi
    IT Platforms, Operations and Data Centre Manager
  • I worked with Martin from the day I arrived at MAG and he was an articulate and knowledgeable professional who can articulate architecture strategy, development and delivery to individuals and teams right up to board level. Martin has exemplary consulting skills and quickly adapts to situations and challenges as they are presented.
    I would highly recommend Martin to anyone who is looking for an individual who can challenge the status quo with achievable and manageable solutions. I look forward to working with Martin again sometime in the future.

    Andrew Woodhouse
    Project Manager
  • Martin is a consummate professional with a deep technical understanding. Good on detail and able to identify and articulate sound solutions. I would highly recommend Martin.

    Andrew George
    Project Manager
  • Martin is a true Enterprise Architect with the ability to align technology and process with business strategy while maintaining an encyclopedic knowledge of technology.

    Martin is very approachable with a 'can do' attitude that quickly builds confidence among his peers and with the business. I would be very pleased to work with Martin again.

    Mark Cosgrove
    Infrastructure Architect
  • Having Martin in the Architecture team brought fresh outlook on the way we dealt with the changing and fluid concept of Infrastructure & more importantly ‘Management of Infrastructure’.

    The team benefited from his immense experience of working at several clients and knowledge of best practices. He not only helped set up the operational boundaries and framework but also regularly mentored colleagues, providing an insight into industry benchmarks.

    Engaging in discussions was always insightful and resulted in conclusions. It was a pleasure to have him around due to his affable and jovial nature. I would recommend him for any view on architecture whether be it through the lens or helicopter.

    Mayank Saxena
    Technology Strategy & Architect
  • Martin Sharp is a brilliant Architect, technical consultant and mentor.

    In his engagement with GlobalCollect, he has provided guidance to the entire Enterprise Architecture team and provided valuable consultancy to the technical and infrastructure architecture optimization projects, helping us define and align our standards to industry best practices and set up a IT Roadmap that encompasses all of the stakeholders requirements and views.

    His guidance extended beyond the architecture group and into the IT operational teams where, trough his vast knowledge and technical background, he assisted minimizing the learning curve for new processes such as Application Lifecycle Management and IT Service Management.

    As a result of his excellent consultancy efforts, he is seen as a trusted adviser to the senior management of GlobalCollect and, in that role he has been key in the definition of the new IT Strategy being developed.

    True to his motto, Martin does "make IT simple", and that is no small task.

    Joaquim Pedro Antunes
    Technical Architect
  • Martin, as the principle technical lead for C&C Technology, supported the Edinburgh Airport IT team prepare a plan to separate its entire IT systems landscape as part of the pre-sale work. This included high-level design, level 1 plan and associated effort and key risks. This work was completed in a very short timescale despite covering a breadth of ~200 business applications, all infrastructure, operational tools and data centre provision. The work was ultimately used very successfully as the heart of IT expert sessions with the short listed bidders and to allow an internal estimate for the post-sale cost of IT separation. Martin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of technology at a low level allowing him to knit together detailed, integrated and therefore robust designs rapidly. Martin will always take time to explain any deep technology in easy to digest nuggets. Martin is very industrious and cracks on with any objective immediately and will go the extra mile to ensure a good result. Martin is open to challenge, different approaches and melds these to improve his and the teams overall output. Overall Martin was instrumental in delivering a great piece of work that has given much value to Edinburgh Airport both pre and post its sale from BAA.

    Stewart Dobbie
    Head of IT
  • Martin is an excellent infrastructure architect and project manager. He quickly picked up an overview of the ING's existing infrastructure and application architecture, fitting in quickly alongside in house specialists. Martin was able to use his knowledge and experience to challenge existing thinking, working with each team to promote more efficient and resilient solutions in line with industry best practice and compliant with ING standards. Martin pulled the designs and project plans together into a coherent central plan the both in house and 3rd party providers could work to.
    I enjoyed working with Martin on the project and would look forward to working with him again.

    Tim Pearce
    Network Manager
  • Martin worked for me at ING Direct on a key data centre migration programme providing the over arching technical expertise that was missing from our organisation. Martin's knowledge, experience and approach meant that we could simplify the solution by bringing the various technical teams together, helping them to collaborate more effectively and produce the necessary output required.
    Martin has a fantastic personable approach and is able to break the most complex of tasks and technology requirements down into simplified solutions and I would have no hesitation in utilsing his skill set again.

    Simon Wright
    Project Manager
  • Martin worked within one of the programme technology streams within my portfolio at BAA leading the deployment of a suite of Microsoft Application delivery technologies (RDS, MEDV, APPV & UAG/DA). Martin soon demonstrated more senior technical and management attributes and was elevated to leading the stream. I would have no hesitation re-hiring Martin on one of my future initiatives and rate him as a competent and extremely able technology consultant.

    Edward Johns
    Programme Manager
  • Martin is a highly experienced and skilled technical consultant, whose 'can do' attitude really helps when time pressures are high. I found him very personable and able to slot into the clients working environment with ease. He is diligent and excellent at covering off the detail, and documenting his findings and recommendations. It was a pleasure working with Martin.

    Martin particularly impresses with his eagerness to embrace the latest technical developments. He is a great technical reference point both for senior managers as well as junior staff.

    Edgar Ferreira
    Security Consultant
  • Martin is a highly experienced and skilled technical consultant, whose 'can do' attitude really helps when time pressures are high. I found him very personable and able to slot into our clients working environment with ease. He is diligent and excellent at covering off the detail, and documenting his findings and recommendations. It was a pleasure working with Martin and I would definitely hire his services again, and recommend him to others.

    David Thomas
    Solutions Architect
  • I was fortunate to work with Martin on the Tranistion project at Bupa. He is always very open to listening to others solutions, which is very rare quality in the technical space. Martin is very approachable and keen eye for detail which results in getting the job done correctly first time.

    Anthony Barnard
    Senior Systems Designer